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Single Family Homes up to $600,000

Single Family Homes up to $600,000

One of the great things about our team is that we can offer our customers customized links that show them ONLY what they want to see without having to wade through a sea of "Active with offer" listings.  We've used this same process on this site to narrow down the broad search into a couple different categories.  This way you can browse for yourself and maintain that control.  But the best part?  Everything on our site refreshes ever 15 min and syncs with the MLS and ONLY those homes that are still available show up.  No more frustration from clicking on a great home only to find it already has an offer on it!  Saving you time and money is a big part of our business

Luxury Portfolio Listings

Looking for something with a bit more comfort?  These are homes that are sure to impress.  Again you will only see those properties that are currently available.  No more wading through ones that have offers.  Your time is far too valuable to be wasting it looking at properties that aren't available.

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Use the search criteria below to customize your own search and browse away.  You can even save your personalized search.  Want your own personalized custom link?  Contact us and we can create one usually within 24 hours of your request (sometimes right there on the phone if we happen to be in the office.)

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